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"The Truth about Auto Loans. Always get the Money First!"

Did you think that F&I was an auto dealers Finance and Insurance department? It use to be, now it's the dealers most profitable department  and means Fear & Ignorance! I've sold to folks through my internet business who brought me this internet loan package. They had a better interest rate than I could get them if I could even get them financed at all! Now this looks interesting. Applying for credit before you buy. It's like walking in with Cash! I had to learn more. This online loan center is Great! They have the lowest rates, the fastest approval time, and it's so simple. In fact I just applied through them. They approved me for an auto loan on the Memorial Day weekend when the rest of the banks were closed! Compare truck loans before you buy.

Let the internet do the work it was designed to do. Save you Time and Money! You will know right away, your rate and payment. This is the fastest and easiest auto loan process I have seen in 10 years in the auto selling business. You know how good your credit is, you deserve a better rate then your local bank wants to give you and why sit down there in their lobby and wait to see a banker. Get the best rate in the comfort and privacy of your home. You are in control. After all it is your money, you are paying for it!

"Just take it home today, we'll deal with the bank. Don't worry about it. We do this all the time!"

Dealers like to "Hook You," into thinking you are approved for a loan and then after you show your new vehicle to all the neighbors, they call you. And guess what, they can "Get you Financed," with more down or a higher payment! The other side is they send you home in your new vehicle when they know they can't get you financed. Then they call you to tell you how hard they worked but that darn ole bank just wouldn't budge! Now they Have to charge you that famous $.50 a mile and $50 a day while they were "working so hard for your loan." Those folks in the pretty suits have done their homework, that's why they are always smiling. They're just wandering how much of your kids college fund will be in their pocket when you leave, dazzled and confused about what in the world you just signed. Click on the banners.


Not great credit, re-establish your Credit, without paying Too Much for the Truck. Don't get screwed Twice by the dealer!

If there is financial sadness in your past, you are Not Alone! Hey I bought my farm in the late 70's when everything was going up, survived the 80's wheat embargo with Russia, when everything was going down, wheat dropped from $5.00 a bushel to $2.00, then got divorced in the 90's, had to move to Denver to try to save the farm again. Believe me I Know Financial Sadness! If you go to a typical auto dealer, they will view you as fresh meat! They think you are a Big Gross Profit with nowhere to go. So they jack up the price of vehicle, thinking you will be darn lucky if they can Get You Financed. Then they max out the interest rate. You will have to pay a higher interest, the bank will figure higher risk to them. But don't go in unarmed! Get your loan first. Know your payment and rate. Then you can negotiate the price as you should. Now you have choices. Buy from a private party, buy online, buy through the fleet department or go to the dealers and walk out on a few of them until you get the respect you deserve!

Interest rates change constantly. It might surprise that you are paying too much. Apply for free to see if you can save $30, $50 or more a month. If you were a first time buyer or repairing your credit see if you've re-established enough to get a better rate. Compare truck loans before you buy.

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Now's a great time to consider Health Insurance for your Truck. Click here to Learn More!

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