What owners of the new 2005 Super Duty are saying.

Kent, I just traded in my '02 F-350 for the new "Monster truck from Ford", 2005 F-350 Dually while in Oklahoma for a horse show. 

I left the dealer in Oklahoma City, hooked up my 40 foot Sundowner with three horses and full living quarters and headed for Augusta, GA.    On the first big hill into Arkansas I passed an 18 wheeler at 75mph going up a large hill.  With pride still oozing from my pours, I realized that with power to spare I had just achieved the impossible.  Then, much to my chagrin, I looked at the onboard computer display showing 8.5mpg.  Ouch.  But, heck, I just passed a semi up hill at 75mph with over 25,000lbs behind me.  The trucker I had passed pulled in next to me at the next tuck stop and came rushing over to me.  My first thought... "Oh God, I must have cut him off and he looked really mad."  Realizing that my only defense was a small red water bucket in my hand, I prepared for the assault.  I knew that knocking his teeth out with the small bucket would not work as he had none.  But, I may be able to grab his long ZZ Top style beard and pull like mad for effect.  He got right up in my face and smiled a toothless grin and said very matter of factly, "Boy, I heard about these new trucks, now I know the hype is true.  Damn you left me in the dust back there on I-40....  Guess what kid?  My trailer is empty!" 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this moment in Ford history is priceless.  I just out pulled a Peterbilt pulling and EMPTY 52 foot trailer.  From exceptional braking to massive pulling power off the line, this truck is the best I have ever seen.  By the way, the new controls for the stereo, cruise and temperature on the steering wheel make this truck a real treat to drive. 

From OKC to GA, this truck turned more heads than a busty blonde at an Amish convention.  Now if I can just get the keys back from my wife.  

Ryan D. www.HorseCity.com

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