JSC Engineering introduces "Droptail" at SEMA in Vegas. Wins award for best new truck product. I was there!

I love it when new innovative products come to market! The pickup truck tailgate is a constant problem. They can be very hard to open after a few years. Tailgates become the two handed jerk. I've worked on them, reattaching the rods, oiling the latches. Some trucks are harder than others to latch the tailgate and with taller trucks now, it's more difficult to get above the tailgate to get leverage on the latch.


Do you remember when you were a kid and you stuck your hand out the car window to play with the wind? All that wind bouncing over your truck cab and then hitting the tailgate full force creates quite an Air Brake! This robs your power and fuel mileage. JSC Engineering has the solution using your existing factory tailgate without the need for an aftermarket air flow notched tailgate or those attractive belted strap tailgates.

The compact actuator mounts to the bed rail,  inside the face edge of the tailgate and can be used with most spray-on or under-rail bedliners as pictured above.
This new product, remotely controls your truck tailgate to decreases drag, improve aerodynamics, fuel mileage, and performance. In auto mode it will adjust the opening for air flow to 50 degrees and close your tailgate when you stop and you can lock it. Now wouldn't that be something to remotely open your tailgate as you back up to the gooseneck/fifth wheel trailer or to see the toddler chasing the cat that just ran behind the truck!.
We are getting used to opening our car trunks with the push of a button, why not open your tailgate when your hands are full by pushing a button. Just push the button again and the tailgate is up and locked to secure your cargo. You can even use the Droptail to put pressure against the tires of your motorcycle or riding lawnmower to keep them secure.

There are so many computer-controlled features from JSC Engineering's Droptail, that it can sense an obstacle stuck in the tailgate and open itself, give you some warning beeps and await your next command. From it's auto mode which adjusts the tailgate according to speed, to selectively holding the tailgate in any position including closed and locked, the Droptail is a useful new tool. Backing up a truck is challenging, you need all the tools at your disposal, mirrors, rear window, wouldn't it be nice to open the tailgate as you back up to see what's below eye level?

Simple to attach, and folds neatly next to the bedrail of your truck, this automatic tailgate actuator will give you years of trouble free service. Not much higher than an aftermarket air flow tailgates. And try to pour a load of corn or dirt in your bed with a vented tailgate.

I have friends who always have something in the bed and close their tailgate when pulling. The trucks I had on the ranch that didnít have the bed tore up from dropping round bales in it, had to haul corn or something so I couldnít use an air flow tailgate. When I was in Vegas last month at the SEMA convention I saw this automatic tailgate called Droptail. This tailgate has an electric cylinder that would automatically open the tailgate when driving above 40 mph to be more aerodynamic. Then when you stop it closed. That was in the auto mode. In manual mode you pushed a button to lower the tailgate to back up to a trailer and pushed a button to close it and lock it. I canít say itís not practical, who would have thought 10 years ago weíd have backup sensors, heated seats, mirrors and power adjustable brake and gas pedals on trucks. This is the next feature for a well equipped truck.

You don't need an aftermarket air flow tailgate or those attractive belted strap tailgates. With the Droptail, you can close a real tailgate or turn it into a spoiler and save fuel. Droptail uses your factory tailgate and  maintains factory load capacity. Website or call 1-877-707-TAIL

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Automatic Super Tailgate


The Best Automatic Tailgate you can buy!

Remote or Automatic Tailgate! How would you like to remotely open your tailgate as you back up to a gooseneck or fifth wheel trailer? This new product, controls your present truck tailgate to decreases drag, improve fuel mileage, and performance. In auto mode it will adjust for more air flow, close your tailgate when you stop and lock it. You don't need one of those attractive belted strap tailgates. With DROPTAIL, you can push a button to close a real tailgate without slamming it closed, or jerking it open. What's your back worth or your nails? More...

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