Images of SEMA:

Original Bat mobile, Monkey mobile, Track mobile, Superlift Hooters mobile and the jeep to go

New 2008 Ford Super Duty modified, next is the new tailgate step, more graphic Super Duty, Houdini's H2 Hummer featuring Chris Angel and Houdini's wand, handcuffs and inspired H2.

Motorcycle designed as a basket ball court, the 6 door F650, EZ down strut for your tailgate, drifting the new smoking sport, first a Viper and Mustang

Curt's new sliding 5th wheel, SuperSprings new overload for F450, Thule trailers from Sweden, now they own Valley Industries, Super Wrap and Big Foot

This is the year of the F650, lots at SEMA, big trucks, mean big paint, The new Edge should be a hit, Kelderman air bags trucks stand out.

Big restoration section too, Sport Chassis new pickup, this 3 wheeler gets 92 mpg, Expedition EL, can't tell who is sitting in the Lotus.